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Straight Talk Review

Straight Talk (4)Nowadays, most people own smartphones, and nowadays, postpaid plan is the first choice among many. People opt for this option mainly because of the fear of not having the service interruption through prepaid plans. However, in fact when you observe keenly, you can benefit more from a prepaid plan than a postpaid one.

Prepaid plans are way cheaper than postpaid plans. Most people nowadays are turning towards postpaid mainly because they are offering main stream phones with advanced specifications such as an iPhone 4s and so on. However, when you observer properly you are going to spend more money on a postpaid plan for the service and the phone together over the long period. Otherwise, how can the network providers benefit from it?

Not, all the networks are perfect. However, there are some networks that suit your budget and needs better than others. You need to consider each and every factor of a network before deciding whether or not it is suitable for you. In this review, you are going to learn about a better option for heavy phone usage.

Among all the top prepaid mobile networks Straight Talk offers the best plan suitable for heavy phone usage. Here heavy usage doesn’t mean thousands of megabyte or minutes; rather, it is about unlimited talk time and data usage. The basic aspects that you need to consider while opting for a prepaid network include – phone choice, network coverage, plans, customer service, affordability, and others.

About Straight Talk

Those who do not like to make a commitment or on a tight budget, usually face a difficult time in finding a great prepaid network provider – not mainly because of the limited option, but mainly because of not having sufficient talk time for the paid amount, and on the top of it phones available on prepaid plans are low on features and quality.

However, Straight Talk is an exception in these aspects. The service offered by Straight Talk plan comes from TracFone Wireless Inc., the largest cell phone provider in the U.S which offers no-contract service. Straight Talk offers phones only from the trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. You can find handsets with numerous great features like QWERTY keypad, Touch Screen, and so on.

So, where can you get Straight Talk? You can get it either from your local Walmart store or from its official website.

How To Start?

You need to use a T-mobile friendly or an unlocked GSM phone which operates on the Straight Talk frequencies of 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. Then, purchase a Straight Talk SIM and an unlimited prepaid service plan in order to activate the SIM card. The SIM comes with a guide where you can find instructions on how to activate it. Follow the instructions as provided in the guide. Then, you need to update the settings. And, you have to refill the Straight Talk phone before the service expiry date in order to have the services active. You can also opt for its Auto-refill option, where your SIM will be recharged with the chosen amount for every 30 days.

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How Does The Plans Work Without Contract?

Many people have issues with singing up for a prepaid plan because they are afraid of the service gaps associated with it. They usually worry that the service will be turned off if they do not recharge on time or running out of money. These are surely serious concerns to think about, and they should be addressed.

But when it comes to Straight Talk, you should remember that Straight Talk is offering some long-term prepaid contracts too such as for 3 months – $135, 6 months – $270 or 1 year – $540. You absolutely will not need to worry with the service gaps with these long-term contracts, and you can refill the accounts just like with any major career plan.

In addition, you do not need to worry even with pay-as-you-go plans at Straight Talk. You usually have a service gap with this kind of a plan. However, you do not have to be too much concerned about this as Straight Talk is offering an auto-refill option where you can automatically add a specific amount of money to the prepaid account for every 30 days.

Why Straight Talk?

So, there are many prepaid plans available in the market, but why should you opt for Straight Talk? Following are some of the unique benefits that you benefit from Straight Talk:

  • Unlimited Text, Talk Time and Data at just $45/month
  • Unlimited GSM service over the best countrywide mobile networks
  • Unlimited International Plan – Unlimited Nationwide talk time, messages and data, plus unlimited international talk time, messages and data to more than 1,000 international destinations that include Canada, India, China and Mexico.
  • No credit checks, no bills, and no contracts
  • Use any unlocked or compatible GSP phone – which include smartphones too
  • You can keep your old phone number
  • Works with IM, SMS, web, email, and social networks.

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Straight Talk – Features

Following are some of the Straight Talk features:

Phone Selection: If your choice of smartphone is Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 4S, then you may not like Straight Talk; because, the provider is offering other smartphones at best. While selecting a smartphone, you should think what purpose you will be using the phone mainly for. If you are not into large apps or high-end gaming which demand heavy RAM and CPU usage, then will not be using half of the capability of iPhone 4S. Then, you better prefer using a low-end smartphone. You have wide range of phone choice at Straight Talk. Most users are happy with the phone selection offered by Straight Talk.

Network Coverage: As Straight Talk is a service provided by Tracfone, the provider uses same cells and antennas as Tracfone. So, you can enjoy the similar wide network coverage with Straight Talk as you do with Tracfone – a network coverage that is covering 99% of the US. Unless you are in a location where there are high buildings, thick walls, or dense forests, you will be able to experience full length phone signals almost all the time.

Customer Service: Straight Talk has well qualified and experienced professionals in its customer service section. If you are experiencing any sort of issue with the network or you have any query related to it, you can call them up anytime; and, they are happy to help you with a solution. Mostly, you will be given with an instant solution. However, in case your query is out of their commonly occurring issues, it may take little time for them to sort out the issue. You can contact the customer service people either through phone or through email.

Plans: Besides data usage and manual talk time, Straight Talk is offering long-term unlimited data and talk-time plans. The cost of its 30-day unlimited data and talk plan is $45, and the 1 year unlimited plan costs $499. The main difference between these plans and a postpaid plan is, here you will be paying in advanced and you will not have fear of going overboard as the plans are unlimited. The plans do not have any hidden fees. You will get everything as promised for the price.

Affordability: The most-recent Android smartphones offered at Straight Talk may cost about $300 at the maximum. You can reduce the price by using a Straight Talk discount or promo code. The best part here is, you will not be bound by any contract yet the phone will be all yours. In addition, if you phone usage is high, this plan is a great investment as you can save so much by paying in advance instead of paying huge bills on a postpaid plan.

Straight Talk – Conclusion

Overall, Straight Talk is offering best unlimited prepaid plans that can help you save so much when compared to postpaid plans offered by most of its competitors. Here, you are paying in advance to the unlimited talk time, data and message usage. The unlimited plans are the best choice especially for those who have heavy phone usage. You can save on your international phone usage too by opting to Straight Talk’s unlimited international plan. At the same time, if you are worried about service gap, you have a solution here for that too. The provider is offering an auto-refill option where you can choose a specific some of amount to be refilled automatically for every 30 days.

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