The Truth About TrackR

Are you tired of misplacing or losing your phone, wallet or keys? Well, there is a solution to this consistent problem faced by many. Simply attach the TrackR to your favorite items and use the application of TrackR to locate your stuffs in no time. You can ring the lost or missing item or set a reminder to pick your item to ensure that you don’t leave it behind. The TrackR helps you to track your phone even when it is on silent mode. If you are unsure about TrackR and its functions, you can read below to know more about this product.

About TrackR

TrackR is one of the innovative management of your personal items. It is similar to your phone as it keeps a tab on the contacts for you. TrackR takes the huge responsibility of remembering where the useful items have been located. There are several other gadgets available in the market, but TrackR beats all odds as it is the cloud based remedy that also helps users to do voice search so as to figure out the exact location. The co founders of TrackR are based in Santa Barbara in California. They came with this innovative concept when they lost their keys at the beach.

Well, TrackR is one of the quickest and convenient ways to locate misplaced or lost items on the go. You can join other people connected to their favorite items by ordering a TrackR to avoid losing your items again. In order to use this device, you need a phone or a tablet to run the TrackR app at the background.

How does TrackR work?

Basically, the TrackR is a Bluetooth device which gets connected to a running application on your mobile phone. The app on your phone can track the distance between the device and the phone as it analyses the level of power of the signal received. This link is made use of to ring the TrackR unit or make it ring the phone.

The unit makes use of the latest type of radio known as Bluetooth Low Energy. If you are getting confused with the Bluetooth Classic, it is not the same. This particular radio consumes power that is 50 times lesser when compared to Bluetooth Classic. In fact, TrackR was the main company that utilized Bluetooth low energy in the year 2011. This spectacular technology helps in enabling the device to maintain the battery life for one year while it maintains its compact size.

Features of TrackR

There are several useful features of this product, but some of the prominent features have been discussed below.

  • Distance indicator: When you are searching for a particular lost item, the TrackR indicates if you are nearing to those keys or wallet.
  • Item ringer: When you tap this item ringer, you will be able to ensure that TrackR rings the item that is missing.
  • Phone Finder: If you cannot locate your phone, TrackR makes it pretty simple. Simply press the button of the TrackR device and the rest is taken care of. Your phone will begin to ring regardless of whether it is on silent or not.
  • Family sharing: This feature allows you to not only track but also ring the TrackR from various phones. It is helpful for common items like shared car keys, remote or family pets.
  • Crowd GPS Network: Have you lost your item? Now the crowd GPS network of TrackR helps you to locate it with ease. If there is another user of TrackR within the Bluetooth range of the item that you have lost, you will be able to obtain an update on its location.
  • Separation alerts: This features helps in notifying you in case you are on the verge of forgetting to carry your item with you. So don’t worry if you forget to carry your phone as you will get an instant alert on the same.

Benefits of TrackR

  • Tracking your items is effortless

The TrackR app can be used on both Androids and iPhones. It is simple and fun to use. With the help of this application, you can track all your important things so as to stay connected to the items that you cannot afford to lose or misplace. And the best part is that it can be tracked from anywhere. The TrackR app captures the last location on the map and when the other user with the same app is within the Bluetooth range, the location will be updated automatically in your app.

  • Indoor mapping of your items

With the help of the TrackR atlas device, you can easily locate missing items within your home. TrackR atlas is basically a small plug-in unit that can be placed in every room of your house. You can create a floor virtually to track the location of your favorite items. In order to map the items indoor, TrackR utilizes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has the ability to detect all items like the third party trackers or TrackR Bravo. In addition, you can check the history in terms of where your item was earlier.

  • Track your lost or misplaced wallet

With the help of TrackR Wallet, a thin unit slips inside your wallet easily and you can locate your wallet. It can also be attached to other valuable items. The TrackR app helps you find your belongings by ringing your device and locating them through the TrackR distance indicator.

  • TrackR Sticker makes it easier to locate items

The quarter sized unit known as TrackR sticker helps in easily sticking to any device or item. With the help of the TrackR application, locating the lost or misplaced items become easier as it rings your TrackR or uses the distance indicator. Alternatively, it makes use of the Crowd GPS as well.

  • Locate your Tablet in seconds

Your iPad may be on silent mode and you are unsure where it’s kept. Well, with crowd GPS network of TrackR, you can track your iPad regardless of its distance. It makes use of 2 way phone locater to make your Smartphone ring through your tablet. And the best part is that one does not require any internet connection on the tablet.

Thus, these are some of the interesting features and benefits of TrackR that has made this product so popular today.

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